Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MTC: Week 2

O Genki desu ka? That means how are you doing in Japanese.

Everything here is going good in MTC.  We have class A LOT!! Like 6 hours a day plus time where we stay in class and study with our companions. We do have gym everyday where I usually play volleyball. The only days we dont have gym or class is on Sundays because of church and Tuesday because of  personal day.

My district, or people I am in class with all the time, is pretty funny. We are all starting to open up and talk to each other a lot.  Most of us are going to Tokyo but 3 out of the 12 are going to Sapporo mission which is way up north in Japan. They still haven't decided on what is going to happen to the older elders leaving in three weeks. We got onto LDS.org and it said that all the missionaries in Sendai and Tokyo areas have been moved to other missions due to the radiation of the power plant. But there are a lot of rumors going around so we don't know which is true. We are all hoping that they can clean it up and we can get into Tokyo but I still have like 9 weeks or so left here so you just never know what will happen.

About 15 natives arrived from Japan today and about 10 more are supposedly arriving tomorrow but I haven't seen or talked to any of them yet. They are getting trained here because it is cheaper to fly them out and train them here than it is to have a MTC building in Japan. That tells you how expensive it is in Japan. It will be good for us to have them here so we can practice our Japanese and make sure our grammar is good when teachers aren't around. I'm hoping they know some English so we can ask them questions since I still dont know a whole lot yet. The grammar pattern stuff is just so weird and complicated.  I need to get better at memorizing them.

I hope everything is going well at home and everyone is doing fine.  Thanks everyone for the letters and packages. They were all really good stuff. 

Also please use the dearelder.com website cause the letters get to me faster and I also get a hard copy of them.  I only have 30 minutes to write so that should help me get back to as many people as possible in that time. Just wanted to let you all know.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!  And everything is going great here. Keep sending me letters please, it is really comforting. And keep me updated on Japan and the news you hear. Also keep the people of Japan in you prayers because they really need to be comforted now.

Hope to hear back from everyone and hear about the things that are going on.

Elder Nathan McKinney

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