Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MTC - Week 4

Konnichiwa Watashi no kazoku!! :) 49 days left in MTC!!
I am doing well here. Its getting a little easier here but I just want to go to Japan. The older group is leaving in a week, they're so lucky. We all want to go with them because we know we could pick up the language much quicker that way. 

The food here is pretty bad, not the most gourmet. Sometimes I dont want to eat it because it doesn't look very good at all.  The other day they had chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole.  It was yellow and didn't look good but I tried it anyway and it was pretty good.  It's similar to broccoli jack casserole but they added curry powder to it or something.  I really do miss home cooked food. I want some of the Scott cinniamon rolls :D

Conference was awesome!! I actually stayed awake though all of it. Our teacher told us to have three questions in mind before the conference and pray to God for the answer.  So much is going on everyday, it seems like all of the days are just blending together.

We get to go to the temple every Sunday and have a temple walk.  We made a box for putting in compliments to everyone in our district.  We read them as we walk around. On Tuesdays we actually go into the Provo temple. We also try to make it to the Endownment Sessions unless we need to do other stuff, like get our lessons ready. Every Thursday we have a task like contacting people and talking about family or other things like that. Then, we have to give a lesson from preach my gospel.  Next Thursday we have to give the restoration of the church in ALLL JAPANESE!!!  I am so not ready for it, it will be really hard.

Keep telling people to write me or maybe get their addresses and I can write them first or something. :)
I hope to hear from everyone soon, keep the packages coming :D its nice to get food from you all because I know I can count on it to be good!!  I keep you all in my prayers!!  Hope everyone is doing well and in good health.
PS. to say mom in Japanese 母  (haha) , and dad is 父 (chichi) thats how you pronounce them. Anything else you want to say??
Love you all,
Elder Nathan McKinney

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